Product Engineering Services

The company is focused on working with customers in helping them in bringing new products and technologies to the market. We have proven delivery models and management experience in delivering high value from offshore while collaborating with our customers. This experience has been refined over time to ensure agility and productivity without compromising quality.

  • Expand the market reach of an existing product/technology and gain time-to-market advantage
    • Adapting the product to region/country specific requirements
    • Customer specific feature roll-outs
    • Adding new product features/add-on modules to expand the product functionality
    • Port the product across more platforms
    • Integration with other products and interoperability support

  • Product Support and QA
    • Bug fixing and patch management
    • Regular product releases
    • Standards compliance support and validation

  • Prototyping with new technologies

Networking and Communications Products

  • Developing a network appliance device combining networking and other functionality for plug-and-play operation with remote management

  • Integrating networking functionality into a product

  • Development of complete protocol suite or upgrading to a new version of the standard

  • Porting open source protocol implementations onto a new environment

  • Extensive knowledge of various network protocols for both wired and wireless mediums – transport, routing, MAC, security, and streaming

  • Detailed knowledge of the protocol standards (IETF RFCs) to ensure compliance in development and testing

Computer Vision Solutions

  • Development of Computer Vision solutions in the areas of safety and surveillance, retail, gaming and medical diagnostics

  • Knowledge of Machine Learning Algorithms for training and classification of objects in an image

  • Image processing techniques for image segmentation, feature selection and extraction, 3D reconstruction, face and expression analysis etc..

  • Optimisation on various platforms to ensure best-in-class performance

IoT Solutions

  • Multi platform smartphone/device solution development with mobile device management

  • Sensor data fusion to recover events of interest

  • Management and monitoring dashboards

  • Data analytics and visualisation

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